Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doing a Redux

This tip is not in the book but is additional information along the lines of Nuking.

A Redux is the total opposite of a Nuke because you have a Source document that has been painstakingly formatted [for PRINT or "print to" pdf] but is not in an App that is Kindle friendly.  So we want to RETAIN that formatting as much as possible, ie not just italics, bolding etc but actual STYLES.

As we saw in the last post, the Paste INTO Word is the Key to what you are going to get to after your Nuke or Redux.

Here is an image where the two Pastes are displayed on the one screenshot so you can compare the possibilities.  The upper one is the Redux.

Notice that Word has looked at what had been Copied in selecting your Pasting options.  In the lower case the copy was from a WordPad file, and as WordPad [rtf] does not HAVE styles, Word did not offer that option.

In the upper Paste the Copy was from a Word2 document [circa 1992] that was perfectly formatted but could not be saved as html as html had yet to be invented in a commercial form.  But the Options do in fact recognize those Styles in the Copy [Source] doc.

There are obviously many Options to be investigated here and in this case the Default Option was that ALL the formatting from the Copy doc got Pasted to the Word 2003 file.

This was a legal format book and used Normal Style as non-indented but with a Word numbering system.  Then there were 2 more sub levels of paragraphs, in italics and with 1 cm and 1.5 cm indent.  I made new Styles of s1 and s2 for these, AND they got translated exactly as built in Word2.

Had I needed to "do a Smashwords" and start from scratch on this book the stats say
  • Normal Style -  2278 instances
  • Heading 1 - 10 instances
  • Heading 2 - 113 instances
  • s1 - 916 instances
  • s2 - 242 instances
A mammoth job indeed but as it was the book was published in just a few minutes after asking the Word TOC macro to build a TOC based on these 2 Levels of Headings.

So all that remains is the question of how this RENDERS on the various devices, ie IS the legal layout replicated correctly [it certainly was NOT prior to the 2012 updates to the Kindle System].

Here is the Kindle Previewer for the Fire Device.

And the original formatting comes up perfectly.  For Paperwhite it seems the same.

And for Kindle for PC:

The same result.

I would have been quite happy with that even though KindleDX [and normal Kindle] treated both s1 and s2 the same AND reverted to old "Kindle Indent" for first line, per:

But that seemed to be an aberration of the latest Previewer 2.71 because once purchased and viewed on my Kindle it was same as we see above for Fire, so 100% success.

So I would urge people to further explore what is possible with the Options under the Paste button, as it seems REDUX has a lot to offer, AND all of this is using the stock standard [albeit improved] formatting method, ie NOT KF8.

By the way here is the [print to pdf] layout as this book appears if purchased as a [pre-Kindle] e-book


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