Saturday, December 22, 2012

Amazon LISTENS to its Customers

One of the perks of having been in Corporate Marketing was one went on "Junkets" to amazing places for "Symposiums" where we sat around for an hour or so each day and chanted "we listen to our customers" but without any such intention and then went off to enjoy the Junket.

Maybe Amazon DID read my blog and respond?

I refer to this blog post

Well the GOOD news is that, maybe as a Xmas present, Amazon has "dealt with" this issue, meaning WE don't have to deal with it (as suggested in my post).

It seems that Amazon has added a "Home" instruction to their rendering algorithm so that when you click on an internal link in a Kindle book it takes you to the designated spot on the html file BUT it then says BEFORE you render this, go BACK to the start of the line.

So this slight adjustment to the start of the rendering overcomes the Chapter Problem and you see the chapter title with FULL formatting.

Given that fixing this issue (as per my post above) was the ONLY reason to even open the html file, this is fantastic news for the sake of EFFICIENT formatting via Word, particularly for the newbies.

Here is a page of a book from Feb 2012 which I had not fixed up in the html.  This is the view in K4PC going from the TOC.


and here is the same result after republish today

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